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RADION FM Token ($RADIO) - was created on Sep 24 2021. This is a fungible token that form part of the Tezos Blockchain. RADIO is a utility token and it will be used in our ecosystem to support new artist recruitment and development, in addition; it will be use in our platform to support artist that want to take advantage of album release, music promotion, NFTs, and other services that our platform offers.


33,000,000 $RADIO
RADIO tokens has a limited supply minted and each unit can be divided by 6 decimals.


RADIO Token0.4025%
$0.65 USD
0.098538 ꜩ
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Currently there are only 23,000 RADIO tokens under circulation. More supply will be added as demand for our service grows.


23,000 RADIO Tokens
This is the initial amount of tokens added to the liquidity pool in order to allow interaction with features.