Our mission is "simple". We seek to establish and popularize a "no custodian" payment structure in the music industry by embedding public wallets in MP3 files with multimedia metadata technology. Artists/musicians will benefit from this approach by receiving direct payments every time someone downloads their song(s).

ID3 tags are the audio file data standard for MP3 files, it is supported by major software and hardware developers around the world, including; iTunes, Windows Media Player, Jamendo, Spotify, Winamp, and all the current smart phones to name a few. Although this technology has been around since 1998, new id3 tags have emerged to satisfy the specific needs of new software, but nobody really took the lead or initiative to develop a formal method of payment with this technology. You may wonder why? The answer is simple; because you couldn’t, until now.

Today blockchain technology can bridge this gap missing in the music industry and now we can embed public key wallets, as well as unique fingerprint ID into a MP3 file and use it in a P2P transaction. If you want to learn more about our project, please read our light paper!