Please Read Before Participation. This is an experimental feature and it might be available for a limited time only.

- How does it work? Simple, we allow visual artists (Photographers and/or Illustrators) to list Visual Art in our marketplace as NFT with proper license in order to be use by another artist as Album Cover/Artwork in a song or album release without losing ownership and copyright.
- Do I earn Royalties? Yes you do. You can earn as little as 3% per every single download and/or NFT sale that the musician makes.
- How many editions should I mint? Just one. Every song or album should be represented by a single image.
- How do I know if my art was selected to be included in another project? Your asset will no longer be listed in the marketplace for sale.
- Who determines the royalty percentage? We do. We have added an initial fixed rate of 3% for every artist, however, the artist who purchases your asset can increase the rate if they want but never reduce it.

- Can I take down my NFT if I want to? Yes. Anytime...