First NFT Music Album that comply with all the requirements that the music industry uses today.

It’s been awhile since we announced in our social media that we were able to create the first NFT song with exclusive rights and legal contracts. That day we said “perhaps we have made history today” and yes, we did. We were the first ones who used this kind of approach.

You may wonder, what is the big deal about this? It is a huge deal because, since then we are able to mint genuine music NFTs with all the legal affairs that the traditional music industry applies to every song created. In other words; the artist can release a new song or album as NFT and the traditional music industry doesn't need to validate the song/album because this NFT carries all the information that is needed to promote and distribute in the traditional market.

RADION platform allows artists and musicians to create, sell and collect music NFT on Tezos Blockchain with fingerprint to detect the song from other streams out of blockchain spectrum, copyright registry to prevent copyright infringements or unauthorized use, ISRC code to collect royalties from streams out of the blockchain, and legal contracts to attach any kind of music license for exclusive or non-exclusive deals with labels or publishers.

This upcoming album release is the first RADION NFT production available for collectors. The album has original songs composed exclusively for this special release. It is a limited edition NFT for collectors that value not only the music but the story behind this asset. This album is the first NFT that bridges blockchain with the traditional music industry model, because the asset carries everything needed to compete in the industry, no matter if it is in or out of the blockchain spectrum. The asset includes; NFT copyright registry, ISRC code, and music license for distribution.

RADION is the only music publisher that create and sell genuine music NFTs with copyright registry, ISRC code, and music license to protect the artist from unauthorized use of their music or copyright infringements.