Donato Poveda join the NFT movement!

Donato is the first Latin artist in the music industry to step forward to be part of the music NFT movement. His presence not only contributes to the Tezos community but to the blockchain spectrum as a whole. His upcoming NFT is an exclusive draft of his next production "Deja Vu La Trampa", a single that has never been released to the public. That’s right! There is no record label, publisher, or streaming platform that has this exclusive.

This genuine version will be a collectible NFT and it will remain exclusive in Tezos blockchain permanently. No other entity will be eligible to distribute this version of the song in other blockchain or by any traditional publisher or record label. The song will remain exclusive only for those who are willing to collect this limited edition NFT item.
You may wonder, what is the real value of this NFT item? Well it is the exclusive that you have to access this original song. In other words, if you own one of the tokens, you will be able to download the song and keep the rights to access the download for as long as you hold the token.

Some details to consider before your purchase! This NFT was minted by Donato Poveda himself and he is the one who is giving you the rights to access the material that only labels have prior to production to reach the masses via public streaming.
It is important to mention that this NFT is not giving you the legal rights to sell the song or collect royalties from it. However, considering that it is the only way to access the download we estimate a potential growth on its value over time.

Donato is well-known as one of the greatest composers of Latin music today. His work has featured the voices of great stars, including Julio Iglesias, Alexander Pires, Chayanne, Cristian Castro, IL DIVO, and Sergio Dalma, among many others. More than 200 songs are part of his discography. If you want to know more about Donato, we encourage you to check his personal profile here: Donato Poveda.

Some of his greatest hits