BRAVE Browser




So here we are! November 11, 2019 and bitcoin price is about $8764 USD. If you are new in crypto space, I’m sure that this information is irrelevant for you at the moment, but I have a strong feeling that this is about to change, especially if you are reading this article! You see, now somehow the sense of wonder woke up within you, and all of the sudden for crypto. Let me guess! You heard from someone else that people is making good money with cryptocurrency and all this jazz. Ok I get it, but hold on your horses, if money is what brought you here or I should say, money is behind that motivation that you have to learn, let me tell you that perhaps what you are about to read is the wrong article. So please, it is not too late, just go! For those who are really interested in crypto space I can tell you right now that you started this journey with the wrong foot! Why? Because today everybody in crypto space including vast majority of Youtubers are promoting bitcoin like a ponzi scheme and leaving the main fundamentals of Satoshi Nakamoto out of the equation. This is a great problem in the space, especially when we are looking for adoption. Anyway, I don’t want to get too deep into this subject because it is a bit political and it will take us away from what I want to talk about today, which is BRAVE, a web browser that protect your privacy and reward your attention.


You may wonder why brave? Why not, it is faster, safer, and ad-free. If you are new in crypto and want to start exploring crypto projects with no capital, this is a great opportunity to get involved in the space, in fact; if you want to get involved and learn as you go without risking your money, you really have one options; which is adopting these new products at early stage. BRAVE is one of them! It is a open source browser that protect you from trackers, pop-ups and unwanted ads online, no to mention that keeps your data in your browser and protect your privacy. Unlike many other browsers or Big company services, such as; Google or Facebook that collects your data in order to show relevant ads. The problem with this business practice is the approach that it is implemented. Don't get me wrong! It is not that they give you relevant ads, it is the way that they do it to provide that service, which is taking your privacy away from you! What is even worst; they do it with your concent! Because you were too lazy to read their Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

I know that these business models require capital to provide what they proclaim to be a "free services", if there is such thing. But this statement is far from the true! I mean I get it, you and I don't have to pay to Google or Facebook to use their products, but my privacy can not be used as payment. Don't you agree?


Essentially, it is very simple! First you have to download BRAVE in your computer, or mobile device and start using BRAVE every time you want to navigate the WEB. I know you may have: (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Explorer to name a few), but if you really want to get involved in crypto, take a look at this new project! I know that at the beginning it’s going to be some sort of rejection and skepticism from your end, or perhaps you just don’t like the fact that you have to switch your current browser with a new browser because you have millions of excuses, let’s face it! You are just lazy. If this is your case, let's put it this way then! When was the last time you received a check from Google or Facebook because you watched their ads? That is what I thought... Now first thing first! If you are serious about this journey; Download BRAVE and start using the browser, take a look how it works and get familiar with it and learn as you go, then you will notice that some messages are popping up suggesting an ad while you are navigating, if you are interested in some of these ads that they send you, don't be shy, look at them and you will earn BAT tokens. Sooner than later you will realize that you are holding your very first tokens in crypto and you can make money from them.

I hope this article was a good motivation for your new journey in crypto. Cheers!

Author: Frans Rehl