Crypto Billboard

Crypto Billboard music award on Tezos blockchain

The crypto Billboard Music Award is an initiative developed by RADION project. The purpose of this feature is to create a method to calculate the popularity of a song and award the artists that are using blockchain technology for their music distribution.

Unlike billboard charts that rank artists by the number of gross audience impressions, computed by a cross-referencing exact times of radio airplay system, RADION charts focus on different type of metrics that calculate popularity, based on; blockchain transactions, act-upon assets, and respective NFTs. You may wonder why we are not follow the the same criteria that the music industry is using today? The answer is simple; it’s centralize, ineffective, and consume too many resources that affect the environment.

Crypto Billboard Music Award no only promote the music of the artists but also their music NFTs on Tezos blockchain. We recognize and award the talent of top artists every month and every year with $RADIO tokens. The funds for the award is % that RADION made from advertisement on th platform.

If you want to participate, in our crypto billboard, just create an account today and start uploading your music (it's FREE).