RADION FM is a web-based application built on Tezos. Our platform works as music discovery where users can upload their music to be streamed online. In this process RADION embeds a unique public address key in every MP3 or WAV file that it is uploaded in our system, in order to allow downloads / purchases without third party intervention. Musicians receive 100% royalties directly to their crypto wallets, every time someone downloads their songs from our streams. We also allow NFTs creation for new album releases or soundtracks. All the song enter into our crypto billboard, where we award best performers of every month.


RADION FM is a project that was born in 2018 by Frans Rehl (founder). He noticed a particular issue that is affecting the music industry. "A disparity in exposure between corporate music and talented musicians with no corporate representation". Intrigued by this dilemma, he did not understand why some talented musicians don't have the fortune that others with less talent have, and so he started seeking some answers. During his research he began to realize that the problem was not distribution or knowing the right people, and so; he wrote the white paper of RADION to solve this problem.

It took several months to develop an alpha version of this concept, however, little by little the project start grabbing attention from musicians and other entities because from the very beginning he tried to solve a key part of the problem (collecting royalties without intermediary). After many attempts he figured it out, and since then we have implemented this new payment micro-payment method (non-custodial) in our streaming. It is important to mention that RADION doesn't collect royalties on behalf of the artist, because our platform allows downloads without claiming authority to arbitrate the transfer between music lovers and musicians.


It's been said that big things have small beginnings! Well, it seems like it was yesterday when we released our first alpha version. Today we are in beta! Yes, we have upgraded, however, our vision remains solid; to become Earth’s most demanded music publisher—to build a place where people can discover the best songs created by talented musicians across the globe. We believe in talent, equal opportunity, and decentralization, for these are the factors that culminate in positive change for humanity.


RADION engages in a wide range of functions in the music industry, including; new artist recruitment and development. However, our main effort is oriented to introduce blockchain technology to the music industry and bridge this gap. We create and introduce new tools to the industry and motivate participants to collaborate with this effort to explore new opportunities that may emerge over time.


We bridge the traditional framework established by the music industry today with blockchain technology. In our platform the artist can find unique services, such as; copyright registration on blockchain, ISRC code assignment to create NFTs, sync license to collect royalties inside and outside the of blockchain spectrum, different type of music licenses, distribution across stream platforms, promotion, NFTs, marketplace for NFTs, and so much more


Instant Payment for each song downloaded by users. Transaction confirm on blockchain!


RADION allow its users and artists to be verified for future benefits and/or potential deals with record labels


RADION FM works with multiple type of music licensing in order to protect your rights


We use audio fingerprint recognition to prevent copyright infringements and protect genuine NFTs


RADION lets its users, to create NFTs for their music. No matter if it is an album or a single releases.


Your music will become part of blockchain transactions directly from music lovers accross the world.


We integrate legal contracts to support NFTs and comply with the legal aspects of the industry


We support your music career with promotion, distribution, but also with ISRC code assigments