RADION offers unconventional features to the music industry! Our platform embeds a unique public address key in every MP3 file that it is uploaded in our system, in order to allow downloads / purchases without third party intervention. Musicians receive payment directly to their public wallets, every time someone downloads their songs.
RADION can work with other record labels that are working with the traditional copyrights business model, or creative commons licensing! However, our platform wants to keep things simple to its users and so we offer creative commons music licensing for those who don't have a record label or manager who represent them. This approach allows musicians to commerce their music and keep their copyrights without sacrificing their opportunities for potential deals that can arise over time.
RADION MP3 files are compatible with the world's top music platforms in the market today, including but not limited to: iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Napster, among others! Our promotion and distribution is free and open to any online radio that supports url feed. Our station's stream depends upon our peer to peer networks feedback arbitrated by users.
RADION platform works on Tezos blockchain. Tezos is a smart contract platform based on proof-of-stake consensus. This technology allows to explore and develop unconventional web-based tools for the music industry. Tezos is linked to a digital cryptocurrency coin called tez (XTZ), which is part of our unique method of payment for musicians.


RADION FM doesn’t cost a penny to use and is login free. Create your account today!
RADION FM creates MP3 compatible with all online radio and music players.
RADION FM works on every mobile, tablet, desktop, across all browsers and operating systems.
Instant Payment for each song downloaded by users. Transaction confirm with blockchain technology.
Your music will start earning your royalties immediately without intervention of third party.
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